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himitsu_santa's Journal

Now that is a Secret... Santa
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This is a fanfic and fanart Secret Santa project set up by haro and friends. We're spreading Holiday Cheer via fandom! /corny tagline.

You may use either of these banners to plug the community. Or make your own!

2011 himitsu_santa assignments have been sent out. Please go HERE if you'd like to beta or are looking for beta.

Here's the schedule for himitsu_santa this year:
October 3rd- Optional preliminary fandom post goes up.
October 10th Sign-up form posted
October 21st- Sign-ups due
November 1st- Assignments sent out BY this date.
December 1st-31st- Period of time in which your completed Secret Santa fics/artworks can be posted.

Both fanart and fanfic are equally welcome. :)