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For catwho

Title: Magic Eight Ball
Written For/Drawn For: catwho
Fandom: Slayers
Request Written: Slayers: Traditional pairing romance/fluff. Make it involve a magic eight ball.
Rating: G
A/N: Sorry it's not more "fluffy". I think I got too caught up in the Magic Eight ball concept @.@ Anyway, I hope you like it!

Secret Santa for abarero, 1 / ?

Title: The Snuggly Duckling Finishing School of Romance
Written For: abarero
Fandom: Disney: Tangled
Request Written: Rapunzel/Eugene. Post-movie. Eugene wants to get an extra special gift for Rapunzel, but isn't sure what. Cue hijinks and the Snuggly Duckling Thugs helping out. (gift can be for their land's form of Christmas or her Birthday)
Rating: PG
A/N: This is part 1 of 2, possibly three. I'm not sure yet how the writing is going to end up breaking, but I wanted to have a little something up in time for Christmas!

The gist of it all is that you have this amazing adventure, the likes of which you never could have imagined, and you've always had a pretty vivid imagination so that's really saying something. But then, what do you do when it's over?Collapse )

Posting Format

Hello to everyone. The posting period has already kicked off! You may post your gifts at any point from now until the 31st. If you have any questions, let me know.

Please use this format to post:

Written For/Drawn For:
Request Written:

I will tag your post, so don't worry about it. :)

Thank you!


Secret Santa for inversecalico

Title: Christmas Shoes (AO3)
Written For: inversecalico
Request written: Tangled: As part of her integration into free/normal life, Rapunzel gets introduced to the wooden shoes Christmas tradition. (And/or other potentially adorable/hilarious tradition(s) of the author's choice.) Rapunzel/Eugene shipping and liberal use of animal sidekicks more than fine!
Author's Note: Hope I'm doing this right! This isn't a perfect fit for the prompt, but I hope it still hits the spot. :) Happy holidays!

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Himitsu Santa Beta Post

Time for this year's handy dandy beta reader post. :)

Beta Readers!

1- This is where you sign up to offer your services. The applications will be open for all to see, so writers can contact you if it looks like you may be providing what they're looking for.

2- You do not have to agree to beta for everyone that asks you. If you're uncomfortable beta-ing for someone or you simply don't have the time, that's fine (however, if it turns out you don't have the time to beta anything, whether due to lack of time or having too many requests already, let me know so I can take you off the list. You can email me at everything.is.magic AT gmail dot com, or you can just edit or reply to your original comment). As such, even if you think you're only going to be able to beta a couple of things, feel free to still reply. Your offer could still end up being invaluable to someone!

3- That being said, agreeing to beta read for someone is a commitment. Please do not agree to beta for an individual and then back out, unless you absolutely have to.

4- You do not have to be a participant in the Secret Santa to be a beta reader.

Any member is welcome to offer up beta services.

Here's the form. Please reply to this post with it:

E-mail address:
Ratings accepted: (G to NC-17): If there's any particular form of mature content that you're not willing to beta, even if you're OK with beta reading higher-rated fics then please make a note of this.
Fandoms you can beta:
Pairings accepted: You don't have to list every single pairing (although you can if you want to) but if there's a specific pairing or type of pairing that you won't beta for, then please make a note of it.
Genres accepted: Again, you don't have to list them all (unless you're *extremely* picky :) ) but if there's a specific genre of fanfiction that you're not willing to beta then please make a note of it, e.g. no AUs.
Anything else you won't do:
What can you/would you like to be helpful about?: Characterization, plot, grammar, style, etc. Some people are only interested in being a grammar beta, some only a characterization beta, some both. Let us know what you specialize in here!
Anything else you'd like to add?:

Handy-dandy HTML!


1- It is your job to contact a beta reader. Look through the applications of those who have offered their services so you can decide who you think would work best for your needs. You may want to pick a backup as well, just in case the first person you contacted can't offer their services.

2- When you contact them, make sure to tell them a bit about your fic in the initial email. You should give the original prompt of course, but also a bit about where you're going with it, as well as about how long you think it's going to be. Pairings, rating, genre, should all be in there too. Do NOT just send your fic to the beta reader without letting them know first what they'll be beta-ing.

3- EMAIL the beta. Do not reply here to them.

4- Don't contact a beta at the last minute and expect them to have it back to you within hours. Give them some time.

Direct any questions to me, in reply to this post, private message, or email (everything.is.magic AT gmail dot com.)

We hope this helps a lot of you out! Good luck.


Assignments are going out right now. Once you have received yours, please reply to THIS POST with the following.

Assignment #4 (Or whatever your number is. It's in the subject line.)

If within a few hours you do not have your assignment, please let me know. All assignments sent out! If you don't have yours, that means something has gone wrong and I need to figure out another way to get your assignment to you. Please let me know ASAP.

I'm sorry about the delay sending them out. Because of said delay, your gifts are due on the 12/31 instead of 12/24!

Good luck! I hope you all like your assignments. :D



MOD POST- Santa's Bag of Requests

I've done this in previous years, and it's made things much easier. You are not required to do this, but I would highly suggest it as it is very helpful and will also be useful in possibly getting you something you know you'll be comfortable writing/drawing. Unfortunately I can't at all promise you'll get one of the ones you're especially interested in, but I can at least try, and it really does help me a lot to do this. Often there will be a prompt that I don't think someone will be at all interested in doing, and it turns out they are!

I am placing all the himitsu_santa requests under a cut. They are anonymous of course, but sorted and numbered by fandom.

I would like you to choose three to five requests you'd be most interested in writing/drawing. If there aren't that many, list as many as you can. There is no guarantee at all that you will get what you're interested in most, but I will try and this will help me greatly in matching people up. Comments are screened. Please get these in by Thursday Night at Midnight. I'll have the prompts out before Friday is over.

Santa's Bag of Requests...Collapse )

You don't need to copy the whole request in reply. Just do it something like this.

1- Sideways Stories from Wayside School #1
2- Peewee's Playhouse #5
3- Salute Your Shorts #2
4- Doug #15
5- Darkwing Duck #4



Signup Extension

Hey everyone! We uh... really don't have enough people to run this thing. I'm going to give until the 11:59 CST Friday (the 29th) for signups, because we definitively need more people signed up. Please feel free to plug this ANYWHERE. Thanks!



[Mod Post] Last Minute Reminder

Hi! Everyone... we only have five signups. I probably can't feasibly run the exchange with that few participants, so please sign up if you haven't already! Signups close tomorrow night at midnight CST. Thanks a lot. :)

Go sign up here!


2011 Signup Post

Here's the signup form!

Please include:


Lj username:

Be as specific or as broad as you'd like. These can be something specific like "ShinnxLunamaria romance/fluff. Taking place after phase fifty with her reuniting with Meyrin as one of the focuses." Or it can be something as broad as "Piece about Neville." It's up to you. Please make sure to mention the series your request comes from. Also, please note anything you'd like to not be in your fic at all costs. "I would like the Neville piece to not be romance." Please request at least three fics or pieces of art but no more than four. List your requests by priority of what you'd like most. You can request more than one piece per fandom. Check the user info for potential fandoms. Do not make a request for a fandom not listed in the userinfo.

NOTE: I'm going to keep the fandom post open for any new participants that might come along. As such, if there's something you want to request that is not in the userinfo interests, you may want to wait until closer to the signup deadline to see if it gets added. Then if it does, submit your request for that fandom. You can ALWAYS modify your requests as long as you do so before the signup deadline on the twentieth.

Willing to Write/Draw:
This is where you put the fandoms you're willing to write or draw. I'd also take this chance to specify the pairings/genre you'd be up to doing as well. List EVERY fandom you'd be willing to do.

Can't Write/Not Comfortable Writing/Drawing:
And here is where you list what you won't write. There's no need to list fandoms here, because I won't pull any fandom that isn't on your "willing to write" list. You do not need to be super-specific here. It can be "no smut," just as easily as it can be "no Tosh/Owen smut." Either is fine. You could even say "I won't do HP dark!fic unless it's these/this characters," or whatever.

Can you do fic, art or both?:

Sample Form:
(Err... this isn't my actual form. xp )

Name: Kelly
Lj username: haro
Email Address: himitsu.santa.is.awesome @ gmail.com

1- GermanyxItaly- light fluff taking place during modern times (Hetalia)
2- Hermione and Luna platonic fic. No romance, can take place any time before or after canon. (Harry Potter)
3- Rose and Donna- Alternate Universe after Turn Left. The time machine doesn't work and Rose and Donna have to find a way to break out of the scarab's universe another way. No ships but Ten/Rose or Donna/Rose if you want to try it. (Doctor Who)

Willing to Write:
Avatar: The Last Airbender (No Azula. Anything else is fine.)
Harry Potter (No studentxteacher- no non-canon)
Phoenix Wright (No angst)
Fullmetal Alchemist (Mangaverse only)

Can't Write/Not Comfortable:
-Smut (except for Hetalia)
-Dark!fic (general angst is fine, but I like at least a hopeful ending.)
-Pairings with large age gaps.

Can you do fic, art or both?:
Fic and art. I would prefer to do fic, but could do art if needed.

So here goes-

Lj username:
Willing to Write:
Can't Write/Not Comfortable:
Can you do fic, art or both?:

Just reply to this post with all that information. Comments are screened. YOU MUST GET YOUR FORMS IN BY OCTOBER TWENTIETH!

You may also still sign up even if you did not reply to the previous post.